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The Next Generation of Internet Communications

How can you eliminate costly airfares, hotel and meeting rooms, flip charts, and handouts; yet continue to provide timely information; and still impress those that your message is intended for? With multimedia conferencing capabilities - the next great leap in online communications.

Web Conferences Save!

With just a presenter, your PowerPoint™ presentation and other related documents, an Internet connection, and a group of willing participants; you could be conducting your first webinar, webcast, e-conference, and virtual training or support sessions. Sure, there are special events where nothing but a personal appearance will do. But, for all those other occasions, a virtual event could be the answer - an answer the Bean Counters will enjoy hearing.

A sample webinar attendee interface. Note the separate screen areas for the presentation material, the speaker video, the chat interface, and more.
Webinar Screen Shot

How It Works

  1. Event Planning
    You plan your event just as you would any other event. Only this time, you skip over the meeting room reservations, complex audio/visual equipment rentals, signage, food and beverages, and supporting literature and handouts. The only requirement is to have a quiet room with telephone and Internet connectivity where you can conduct your event.

  2. Event Invitation & Registration
    Instead of sending out printed announcements and all the other related pre-event work, the entire invitation and registration process is automatically handled via email and the web - including e-commerce payment processing if necessary (even if you currently can't take credit cards online). If desirable, you can still send out printed invitations and/or advertise your event with traditional media.

  3. Event Confirmation
    At set intervals, your event attendees are automatically reminded of your event and sent the necessary confirmation and instructions for attending. This typically includes directions for connecting to the video portion of the event on the Internet, for dialing into the conference (for web tele-conferences), and the required access code.

  4. Event Preparation
    Just prior to the event, NetCentric helps you to gather and organize your presentation material. If your event is a live event containing video of your speaker, we ensure an Internet camera is available and in working order. If your event is a live event with audio only, we test your computer's microphone or ensure your telephone system is in working order. This step is to be sure you can call in or speak your voice message directly into your computer's audio system. To ensure more complex events happen as planned, we may recommend pre-recording your event and rebroadcasting it as though it were live.

  5. Event Day
    On the big day, you connect to your conference prior to other attendees. Your attendees will then begin to arrive. If your event is a tele-conferences, an operator greets and directs callers to your tele-conference line. For the video portion of your event, tele-conference attendees must visit your event on the Internet through their standard web browser. If your event is an Internet-only conference (using voice through the Internet), your attendees simply visit your event through the web. Using the attendee's access code, the automated conferencing system verifies the attendees and provides access to your event. Your attendees will now have audio and video capabilities - the same as if you were speaking in front of them.

  6. Your Presentation
    When the event begins, you welcome your guests and begin your presentation. This is achieved simply through an administrative console and your voice. The console enables you to select and deliver your presentation documents as you deliver your message. As you present your material, you can swap out the document visuals that the attendees see. For added emphasis, you can use whiteboard capabilities to mark up and highlight information. You can even have your attendees follow you on a virtual tour of the web. At any point, you can share administrative permission, which allows another speaker to control the event. Real-time polling capabilities gives you timely feedback to important questions. And, you can interactively take questions via a chat-like interface, or you can hold questions until the end of your presentation.

  7. After the Event
    Your event can even be recorded for future access. Those who missed the original event or those who wish to revisit it can watch it on-demand by simply following the same registration procedures mentioned above. This functionality ensures your event continues to provide useful communications even after the original event has concluded. Visitor tracking is also available with some systems.

There are very few opportunities that offer the strong return on investment that online conferences provide. Please download our cost-saving calculator (Microsoft Excel - 26 KB) to see if web conferencing is right for your next event.

For Your Virtual Conference, Seminar, and Training
Needs, NetCentric is Your Trusted Partner.

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Webinars Alabama
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