Web Site Usability Analysis Reporting
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Usability Analysis Reporting
Website Usability Analysis Reporting

Web Site Usability Analysis & Reporting

Targeting Success Through Usability

If you've ever visited a web site where finding your way around and getting the information you need was virtually impossible, then you've had a firsthand experience with poor usability. Chances are, you've had considerably more than one experience. It's a sad and sorry fact, but in a technology-centric world, web site usability has gone the way of the dinosaurs.

A Few Glimmering Examples of Hope
One thing that keeps us all coming back to the worldwide web is a few, user friendly, well-organized, and functionally flawless web sites. These web sites are the exception - not the rule. Chances are, your web site probably receives little consideration of its usability. It just keeps growing, and growing, and growing, without ever looking back. And as the web grows ever more accessible, your web designers and editors probably spend less time ensuring quality and usability.

To make matters worse, you can grasp a brochure or book in your hand and review it in its entirety, but your web site is a whole different story. Even the best web content management solutions struggle to provide useful and friendly representations of your entire web site. Understanding how one edit could effect the entire web site is just not a simple concept to grasp. As a result, your web site usability is the first thing to suffer. What was once a well-designed and easily accessible web site, evolves into a frustrating maze as time and multiple modifications take their toll.

Using your web site frequently gives you virtual 'blinders' to what your customers would label usability issues. Enter NetCentric. Our eyes are not familiar with your web site - we see things just like your visitors. We do not wear blinders - we gaze through magnifying glasses. The end result is a usability analysis and report that identifies potential issues. And NetCentric is more than just another set of eyes. In fact, we're more like having three sets of eyes - one set for the human customer; one set for the search engine robots that roam your site; and one set for the designers and developers tasked with maintaining your web site. Our analysis and reporting addresses:

  • Human Factors

    • The viability of your message
    • The overall presentation
    • The confidence you instill
    • The ease of use to humans

  • Technology Factors

    • The overall development architecture
    • The index-'ability' of search engine spiders
    • The complexity of navigation

  • Development & Maintenance Factors

    • The underlying technology
    • The ease of modification
    • The overall scalability

NetCentric provides a 'fresh' set of eyes to review your web site - a virtual focus group. We offer a new perspective on what are often transparent issues to you and your developers. Each report we provide comes with an easy-to-read executive summary as well as a detailed analysis for the more technical minded. By identifying potential usability issues, we can 'humanize' your web site once again, and steer your business on a straighter course to success. Contact NetCentric for a free consultation today!

NetCentric is Your Usability Partner.
We Help Retrieve Great Web Sites Drowned in Technology.

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