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A web site is only as good as the information and value it provides. If you web site suffers from a dated look, outdated content, or any form of dysfunction, you can rest assured your visitors will conduct business elsewhere. One of the main reasons visitors stop 'dropping by' is the perception these problems inspire, i.e., your lack of commitment. A sure way to avoid this perception is to commit to regular web site maintenance.

Hi, I'm the Maintenance Man (I Mean Person)
When you decide that fresh, relevant, and informative content is your key to online success, you'll be faced with two options. One, you can become the maintenance person. Or two, you can outsource your maintenance to an experienced firm like NetCentric. However, those who ponder maintaining their own web site should be forewarned of the following.

  1. Unless you employ a dedicated web-only resource, your web site will almost always fall last on your list of things to do - i.e., it will become outdated, obsolete, and eventually useless, and your credibility will suffer.

  2. Unless you are a skilled web professional, your web site will always reflect this fact (despite your perception). This means your web site will gradually erode into a 'do-it-yourself special' with little chance for success.

  3. Unless you are familiar with the inner workings of search engine inclusion, you should refrain from making web site updates. This effort could result in your web site falling down in ranking or out of a search engine all together. Even worse, you could be unintentionally banned from a search engine's listings.

  4. Unless you commit to remaining up-to-date on the latest technology, marketing, promotion, and selling skills and trends, all your web site work will be in vain.

  5. Unless you compare the costs and benefits of outsourcing your web site maintenance work, you might miss out on considerable savings and productivity gains.

If You Insist...
For those adventuresome few who still believe 'do-it-yourself' web site maintenance is a viable solution, allow us to recommend a few things to help you succeed. The first thing we recommend is ensuring you have a solid foundation to build upon. Have your web site designed by an experienced Internet professional, i.e., someone with at least five years of web design experience, dozens of web site implementations, and current knowledge of search engine optimization. Also, as part of your web design project, make sure your chosen web designer can recommend and implement a proven content management system or provide the training required to maintain your web site.

Maintenance the NetCentric Way
Since 1993 (remember the Mosaic web browser?), NetCentric's staff has been maintaining web sites for small, mid-size, and Fortune 1000 corporations. To remain abreast of the latest trends in design, development, marketing, and promotion, our employees commit 15% - 20% of their time to online research and education. And, because NetCentric's main business is the Internet, your web site evolution is always our top priority. Our commitment to growth, knowledge, and service is essential to our business and your online success.

NetCentric offers a variety of web site maintenance plans to suit just about any need and budget. From our hourly plans to our Tier 1 service, our web site maintenance plans are some of the most efficient, competitive, and cost effective solutions available today. We even offer 24-hour turnaround with many of our maintenance plans. It's unfortunate, but the days where 'common men' could build, maintain, and market successful web sites are gone. The task is simply one better left to the professionals.

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