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A web site is only as good as the information it provides and the confidence it inspires. If your web site suffers from a dated look or content, you can rest assured your visitors will find little reason to conduct business with you. Keeping your web site fresh is critical to your credibility and traffic driving efforts.

Content is King
If you've come to the conclusion that fresh, relevant, and informative content is important to your online success, congratulations are in order. One of the top reasons visitors stop visiting is outdated content, broken links, and the perception these problems inspire, i.e., your lack of commitment. A sure way to avoid this perception is to commit to adding new and informative content on a regular basis.

Common Misconceptions
A big misconception NetCentric faces frequently is that the initial web site design project is the most expensive milestone. When in fact, the opposite is true. Over time, the serious web-based business will pay ten, maybe a hundred times more for their site maintenance and promotion than they did for their initial web site design. In other words, if the cost of developing a web site is overwhelming, then the cost to maintain and promote it will be out of the question.

To Maintain or not to Maintain
If you're serious about communicating through your web site, then you have two options for keeping it current. One, you can maintain it yourself. Or two, you can outsource your updates to an experienced firm like NetCentric.

Hello, I'm the Maintenance Man (I Mean Person)
Whenever someone decides to maintain their own web site, our first question is always, "why would you want to maintain your web site yourself?" This question is typically followed by a challenge to compare our rates with theirs, but that's another conversation. Our point? Unless you have a human resource dedicated solely to your web site endeavors, NetCentric encourages you to reconsider handling your own web site maintenance - and for good reasons.

First, unless you employ a dedicated web-only resource, your web site will almost always fall last on your list of things to do - i.e.; it becomes outdated and obsolete. Second, unless you are skilled in web design, online marketing, and search engine promotion, your web site will reflect this fact - meaning, what was once a professional web site design will gradually erode into a do-it-yourself special. To make matters worse, those unaware of the impact web site changes have on search engine listings will insure your web site falls from a #1 position to a #256 position with one stroke of the keyboard. The unfortunate reality is this. The days of amateurs building and maintaining professional web sites are over. The task is simply too complex and too competitive today.

If You Insist...
Despite our position against do-it-yourself web site maintenance, many remain convinced otherwise. For those adventuresome few, allow us to recommend a few things to help you succeed. The first thing we recommend is ensuring you have a solid foundation to build upon. Have your web site built by an experienced Internet professional, i.e., someone with at least five years of web design experience, dozens of web site implementations, and current knowledge of search engine optimization. Also, as part of your web design project, make sure your chosen web designer can recommend and implement an outstanding content management system as part of the project.

Content Management Systems
Content management systems enable someone with basic word processing skills to make text and graphic modifications to your web site. These systems typically provide a simplistic 'Microsoft® Word-like' interface for editing. Content management systems are not visual web design software packages like Microsoft FrontPage or Macromedia's® Dreamweaver but instead provide simple editing capabilities. The better content management systems employ the use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for text style changes and always output native HTML or the programming language your web site is written in. Be very wary of content management systems that are database driven as they can present problems when search engines attempt to index your web site. Lastly, ensure that your content management system only provides privileges to edit the body content, headers, and footers - not the look or navigation of the web site. As with all content management systems, the end result should be a consistent look and feel across all pages of your web site with no noticeable degradation.

Tracking and Reporting
Another critical component of web site maintenance is the tracking and reporting of your web site's performance. This task should be addressed monthly. NetCentric provides in-depth research, analysis, and reporting of your web site's monthly usage statistics. Not only do we report standard items like page views and visitors, we also analyze and report who your visitors are, where they are coming from, what browsers and operating systems they use, what keywords and which search engines they use, and which other web sites are referring visitors. All of this information is analyzed for short-term and long-term growth trends. It's also reviewed for performance spikes as a result of your promotion efforts. The end result is an easy-to-read summary of your web site's performance and the factors that influence it.

If you are concerned about loosing control of your web site and your ability to make timely updates, no problem. But rest assured, NetCentric has been maintaining both large and small web sites since before Internet Explorer and Netscape even existed (remember the Mosaic browser?). With over a decade of relevant experience, we are able to offer cost effective, web site maintenance solutions for nearly any budget and any need.

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