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Keeping Your Web Site in Tip-top Shape

For those in the know, web site maintenance is not the most exciting topic of discussion. Yet, web site maintenance remains one of the most important (and often overlooked) responsibilities of web site owners.

Web Site Maintenance for Preservation
Keeping your web site in working order is just one component of the overall maintenance task. Web site maintenance is much more than just ensuring links, graphics, and page text work as designed. Web site maintenance is really more like preserving an antique. The serious collector not only maintains their pieces working condition, they restore, refresh, and add new life to them. Your web site deserves the same attention.

Web Site Maintenance for Reputation
Your web site deserves proper maintenance because your reputation demands it. Everyone has seen web sites that have fallen by the wayside. Impressive? Certainly not. Inspiring? Maybe to do business elsewhere. You wouldn't give a client a torn business card. So why then, do so many web sites fail to properly maintain themselves?

Web Site Maintenance for Usability
If people can't easily navigate your web site, they won't. Enough said. When you go looking for your clients, try your competitor's well-maintained web site.

Web Site Maintenance for Communications
Believe it or not, people actually want to visit your web site. But, only if they can quickly and easily find relevant, timely, and informative content. Without a plan to keep your site fresh, exciting, and up-to-date, you might as well pull the plug. You can be assured, somewhere on the vast Internet is a similar offering that your clients will eventually find. Keep your product and service descriptions current, provide value-add information, offer incentives for visitors to return. Feed their need for information.

Web Site Maintenance for Search Engines
Search engines have begun utilizing algorithms to validate the upkeep of your web site. Those sites that are more frequently updated are given preference with a better ranking on the search site. If you want to get listed high on the search engines, you need a web site maintenance plan.

For a variety of reasons, keeping a well-maintained web site is key to your online success. NetCentric has over a decade of experience maintaining web sites of all sizes and types. As part of our web site maintenance services, we utilize the latest tools and human ingenuity to ensure your web site stays fresh, friendly, and informative. Contact NetCentric for a free consultation to learn more.

Keep It Fresh, Keep It Friendly, Keep It Functional
with a Web Site Maintenance Plan from NetCentric Today!

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