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Custom Web Site Programming

Give Your Visitors the Functionality They Deserve

There's nothing wrong with a web site that's informative in nature - 'brochureware' as it's called. However, as your web site grows, you may want it to provide some useful or entertaining functionality that's not available without some custom programming. For instance; an online poll, an assessment that provides visitor feedback, a reservation system, or a calculator for estimating savings. This type of functionality is a great way to provide value, keep visitors interested, encourage 'word-of-mouth' advertising, and establish yourself as an expert.

Custom Programming - Uses Abound
Just about anything that can be done in the real world can also be done in the digital world. If you've ever shopped on the Internet, you've used someone's custom programming. If you've ever chatted online or posted a message to a discussion forum, you've utilized functional programming. Yahoo! Finance is a classic example of custom programming. EBay is another. All are examples of specific functionality that was designed and developed especially for web site visitors.

Some examples of the our custom programming work includes:

  • Opinion polls, surveys, assessments, and quizzes
  • Community chats and discussion forums
  • Custom calculators and savings models
  • Custom contests and games
  • Reservation management systems
  • Content management systems
  • Custom e-commerce systems
  • Advertisement management systems
  • Customer support management systems
  • Member management systems
  • Searchable member databases

From simple scripts to complex programs, either server-side or client-side, stand-alone or atop a database, NetCentric can provide the underlying technology - JavaScript, Java, VBScript, Visual Basic, PERL, PHP, ASP, .NET, C++, and more. Tie your custom programming into your current office systems (CRM, accounting systems, quote systems...) and you can seriously automate your procedures and reduce costs.

No matter what your requirement is, NetCentric has the technical experience to make your web site more functional. As an added benefit, our marketing focus will help ensure your new technical functionality is designed for 'humans', is friendly, usable, and complementary to your overall message. Contact NetCentric to learn more or for a free consultation.

NetCentric's Custom Programming Services Will
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