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How to Build a Dynamic Web Presence

If you've read the information on web design, you already understand there's more to being successful on the Internet than just having a web site. Web development is yet another component of a rich web experience.

What is Web Development
Unlike web design which is largely a creative process, web development is considerably more technical in nature. Web development is about building the underlying functionality and features that bring your pages to life - taking your web site from a static electronic brochure to a truly dynamic experience. This interactivity is based on a few underlying technologies:

  • Custom Programming
    Programs and scripts are applications written in a variety of logic-based languages. They provide the digital equivalent to asking and receiving answers from a human being. In other words, the brain that stores, retrieves, validates, and manipulates data - i.e., user names, passwords, preferences, dates, web content, information from databases, and other specific data resulting from the programming. A simple example is the web site that asks your name, then dynamically (and personally) welcomes you on successive visits.

  • Database Design & Development
    As mentioned above, sometimes programs take advantage of stores of data called databases. Examples of databases include: QuickBooks® financial information, Goldmine (CRM) customer contact data, discussion forum threads, association member data, and product catalog details. Some web content management systems actually store a web site's entire contents in a database. This data is only as useful as your ability to access, sort, compile, display, and supplement it.

NetCentric has been providing advanced web site functionality for a variety of applications since 1998. We offer not only the technical expertise to meet your requirements, but also the ability to blend this technology seamlessly into your overall message. We 'humanize' the entire experience. To learn more about how web programming and database development can enhance your web site, contact NetCentric today.

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