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Empowering the Non-technical Business User

Web content management solutions are implemented to help companies maintain, manage, and update their web sites more efficiently. The benefits of a CMS system come by enabling non-technical, non-web-focused, businesspeople to add or modify web site content in a secure, controlled way without compromising web site quality. But content management systems aren't for everyone. Below is a list of features and their advantages and disadvantage.

Distributed Publishing Environment
Content management systems disperse responsibility for web site updates and additions to various organizational departments.

  • Advantage:
    Ordinary businesspeople can edit and add web content as needed.
  • Disadvantage:
    Ordinary businesspeople lack the skills necessary to effectively communicate on the Internet. This results in a steady erosion of your site's professionalism.

  • Advantage:
    Greater organization freedom to publish web content.
  • Disadvantage:
    Not all content created will be appropriate, effective, or professional. Possible security concerns.

Template-based Approach
Web page templates help apply consistency across web page look, layout, text, style, and formatting.

  • Advantage:
    Simplified template approach adheres web content to a consistent look and feel.
  • Disadvantage:
    Template-based web creation locks users into a structure that can quite often require professional web expertise to work around. Web sites may begin to look too structured and get that 'PowerPoint™' template look.

Focus on Content
Distributed publishing environment enables 'experts' in their field to communicate online.

  • Advantage:
    Experts within their respective job functions better communicate department specific topics.
  • Disadvantage:
    Absence of web expertise requires the implementation of a central quality control organization, as well as structured inter-departmental workflows for review and final approval of all new and modified web content.

Distributed Workload
Distributed publishing environment disperses web communications to a larger workforce.

  • Advantage:
    Web maintenance responsibilities are spread out across a larger group of editors and authors.
  • Disadvantage:
    Current responsibilities often keep departmental editors from their web obligations, which result in a neglected web site.

Database Back-end
Text, graphical, and programming content is managed within a relational database.

  • Advantage:
    Makes publishing dynamic content and older content more accessible.
  • Disadvantage:
    Can have negative impact on your ability to get indexed and ranked highly on search engines.

CMS: Holy Grail or Rip-off?
In reality, there is no replacement for a competent and creative web development team. While a properly implement content management systems can offer a number of benefits, a poorly conceived implementations will create a labyrinth of expensive and difficult situations to navigate. Can a content management system work for your company? Yes, quite possibly. Will it generate savings and quickly pay for itself? It's possible. Is CMS the Holy Grail of web maintenance automation? Until content management systems can address the numerous disadvantages they pose, it is not.

In summary, if you're seriously considering a content management system, you should work with an experienced consulting firm like NetCentric for implementation. We will review your web site, assess your internal infrastructure, evaluate your overall goals, and recommend an appropriate CMS system and the workflow procedures necessary to succeed. To learn more, or for a free consultation, contact NetCentric today.

Will Your CMS System Manage or Mangle Your Web Site? A NetCentric Partnership Helps Assure A Successful Implementation.

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