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Domain names make up the addresses used to identify your web site and email account. They are a key component of your overall e-business strategy. Without a helpful, memorable, and easily accessible domain name, your web business could be in jeopardy.

What's In a Name?
In the pioneering days of the worldwide web, not much thought was given to selecting a domain name. Organizations simply registered their firm name. As competition for domain names has increased, the science of selecting an effective domain name has evolved. Beyond being a digital address for your web site and email accounts, domain names play other key roles.

  • Search Engine Promotion - well-thought domain names in conjunction with a well-designed web site can actually increase your overall rank in the search engines.
  • Marketing and Branding - creative domain names can help build brand name recognition and interest in your products or services. Entire companies have sprung up around their 'catchy' domain names.
  • Usability - domain names should be a critical consideration in your overall Internet strategy. Doing so will enhance your visitor's web experience and assist in traffic building campaigns.

We're able to meet the domain needs of our clients through our subsidiary company. While domain name management is not a central focus of our business, it is an important value-add service we provide. NetCentric can assist you with:

  • Domain name research - finding the best domain names so that both search engines and customers can find you.
  • Domain name registration and transfer - registering that name or transferring an existing domain name to another domain name provider.
  • Domain name management - managing the information associated with your domain name such as contacts and DNS records, privatizing your domain name record, domain name parking, email only domain names, and resolving domain name disputes.
  • Domain name appraisal - assessing the value of a domain name registered in your name.
  • Domain name brokering - the bidding, selling, and/or buying of domain names between two parties.

Don't underestimate the power of your domain name. With over a decade of domain name experience, NetCentric has the solutions for all your domain name needs.

Your Name is Your Reputation.
Get the Domain Names that Help Grow Your Business.

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